English Mastiff's

Our kennel is located 45 mins north of Springfield MO. We live out in the country away from all the noise and smells of any industry or the traffic that goes with it. We are not a big breeder, our Mastiffs are family! Everyone in the the picture below is part of our family, sons, daughter in laws, and granddaughters.
   We take pride in the daily care given to them. While we are not a big breeder, we have educated ourselves through research, attending conferences and workshops, working with other breeders and years of raising mastiffs to provide the best care possible to our mastiff.
 We take pride in raising the highest quality puppies.We weigh our puppies at birth and throughout the first 8 weeks to monitor their heath and weight.  This also gets them used to being handled A LOT and we can quickly see if a puppy is not eating well, or is having any other issues. Socialization is something that we not so much "do", as it is just "done". From day two of birth (mom is tired and we let her rest) the puppies are exposed to our family, friends and other dogs and cats. They sit on our laps and watch TV, play out side in the leaves or just sleep in our lap with Charlie, our miniature Dachshund, or Tac, our cat. 
In breeding we look to match coloring, size, personalities and temperament to produce the ideal Mastiff for every one. We feel we have more "Champion's" in our home than on any show ring and THAT is why we breed Mastiffs - for the family home.


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