English Mastiff's

Our Boys
    Gus Reavis AKA Koda
       Reverse Apricot Brindle
DOB: 4/28/13
170#  31 inches   
Koda is our big boy that looks like he will tear you apart, but don't let his size fool you, Koda is as sweet as they come, and wants only to please his humans! He often doesn't know his own strength, and likes to rub against our legs or try to give hugs, which usually ends in a mess! Koda doesn't mind though, it just means we're now on the ground and easier to kiss ;) Koda has had several litters with us, and has shown to produce large, muscular pups that often have his large head and gorgeous coloring. 

Tigerline Tundra AKA Titan
DOB: 6/23/14
170#  30 inches
Titan is a big dog with an even bigger heart! , he loves attention more than anything. Even if he's running through the field having a good time, he'll stop immediately if you offer a hand for petting :) . Titan was one of our first males, and his pups have inherited his beautiful color, black mask, and stocky stature and sweet temperament.  

Wolfecreek Mastiff's Whiskey River
DOB: 11/15/17


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