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Hello from Oakgrove Mastiffs 
Thank you for checking out our puppies. We are a small family run kennel and strive to breed and raise only the best Mastiffs puppies for your family. We are members of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association, Professional Pet Association and the Missouri Animal Husbandry Association. We attend yearly conferences on nutrition, canine health, socialization, genetic breeding, conformation, training, ect. at the local level and through the American Kennel Club. In addition, we also do independent research to improve our knowledge base. While we breed mastiffs because we love the breed, we take that responsibility seriously and take great pride in the puppies we raise and sell.  Here at Oakgrove Mastiffs we strive to make purchasing your new puppy as easy as possible so we have provided some information we hope is helpful and will help answer some of the questions you may have.

Our puppies come with: 1. Vaccinations at 7 weeks for Distemper, Aenovirus Type2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and Bordetella Bronchiseptica (kennel cough), and Coronavirus at 7 weeks. 2. Wormed at 2,4,6,8 weeks for hookworms and at 6 and 8 weeks for round,tape and heart worm. 3. Ear mite treatment at 5 and 7 weeks. 4.  External Parasite treatment at 5 and 7 weeks. 5. Micro chipped at 4 weeks. 6. Head to tail vet exam around 6 weeks. 7. Full AKC Registration 8. Litter Pedigree. 9.  Buyers Agreement. 10. Puppy Guarantee 11. Mastiff information/care/training info and puppy packet. 12. Follow up support  NEW: (For pick of the litter and Full registration only)AKC Puppy Protection Package, AKC registration AND AKC  microchip registration fees are now included in the price of the puppy!! This paperwork will be completed by us and you will receive them in the mail with the puppy name you choose. 
All of our puppies are born and raised in our home and are handled every day, several times a day.
PRICING:    Pick of the litter $1600. (Must be made before 4 weeks old)   Full AKC registration $1300. LIMITED REGISTRATION $800.00.
The price listed for our puppies is fair, and firm. So please do not ask if we will sell one for less that our asking price. We invest a lot of money, time and energy in raising healthy pups, from conception until they go to their new home, and this commitment to puppy health and happiness shows in our dogs!
We require a $200.00 deposit to hold a puppy until it is ready to be shipped or picked up. This deposit will go towards the purchase price. We use color collars to identify each pup until they are old enough to micro chip.When you put down a deposit for a specific pup we will remove that pup for our listing and then when we micro chip at 4 weeks old, we will text or email you the last four digits of the puppies’ micro chip number (so you will know for sure which puppy is yours). The deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind about completing the purchase.
We take cash, Wal-Mart money transfer, Pay Pal, and credit/debit cards. If you use Pay Pal or credit/debit card there will be a 4% fee added to cover the PP fee. $200+ $8 fee,  $1400. + $56  fee, $1600. + $64 fee. If you choose to use PayPal we can send you a payment request to make it easier for you and this serves as your receipt of payment. We do not ship any puppy until it is paid in full. We will be able to tell you the exact cost of shipping when the flight is booked. We use the average of $350. until we know the final cost through the air line. This includes airline shipping cost, airline approved kennel (that is yours to keep), insurance,  and airline required vet check and paper work .  If the cost is more or less we make that adjustment and let you know. If you have paid the shipping and the price drops we will refund the difference to you. WE  CHARGE ONLY WHAT IT COST US, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR OUR TIME We will then email you all the flight information on departure/arrival times and where to go to pick up your puppy at the airport. 
SHIPPING/PICKUP – **puppies cannot be shipped until 8 weeks of age
Effective 2018 the airlines will no longer ship mastiff puppies!

We will use ground transportation when needed. The AKC registration /micro chip/shot/worming/vet check paper work is mailed to you (with tracking) on Friday afternoon or the day after and I will text or email you the tracking information. If it is sent with the puppy there is a huge risk of it being lost (or ate) during transit. (If there was an emergency and we needed to pick the puppy up before the flight left Kansas City Mo. I have to have their paperwork to show ownership to pick the puppy up, this is why I mail it AFTER the flight has left KC. This has NEVER happened but you never know.

We will charge a kennel fee of $100. a week for puppies not picked up after a agreed upon pick up date.

If you can, we love to have people visit the farm and see our fur babies. If you are unable to visit but want to pick up your puppy we will meet you within a 100  mile radius from our farm to help reduce your time on the road. We do not charge extra to meet you, however we do work Monday through Friday and are somewhat limited to when we can meet you. 
We hope this information is helpful and answers questions you may have however if you have any other questions please let us know, and again Thank you for checking out our puppies.

Linda and Ken Trippe
Oakgrove Mastiffs


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