English Mastiff's

Our Girls

Palins Dark Night Nola 
Fawn. Our retired girl.
Nola was our very first female back in 2011, when Oakgrove Mastiffs was founded. She's been a wonderful mother and is my wonderful companion. Nola is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Anyone who visits the farm can expect to be greeted by 150 lbs of pure love demanding to be petted. Nola has had four litters with us, and was always a very loving, attentive mother. We see the same temperament and sweetness in her offspring. Nola is the mother to our Palins  Sapphire, grandmother to our Athena Blue and half sister to our Buffalo Mastiffs Fee Fee. This bloodline has produced some of the truest "gentle giants", gentle temperament, soft mouth, family loving, smart pups that only want to become a part of the family. She had her last litter in early 2017, and she now gets to spend her days exploring the farm and napping on the couch. 

Scarlett's Ghost AKA Boo
160#  29 1/2 inches
 Boo is  a big, stocky girl who loves belly rubs. Her light fawn color earned her her name, and her sweet temperament earned her a place in our hearts. , She is such a happy lady always showing love and attention to everyone she meets. 

Buffalo Mastiffs Fee Fee 
Reverse Fawn Brindle 
150#  28 inches
Fee Fee is one clever girl, who loves to pose for the camera! She's cautious of strangers at first, but once she gets comfortable, she'll treat you like a member of the family. Which of course involves lots of kisses and mandatory ear scratches ;). Fee Fee is an excellent mother, who never likes to leave her pups for long, and will sometimes even take them out of our hands! 

Palins Sapphire 
150# 28 inches
Pailn is Nola's daughter, and has definitely inherited her mother's sweet temperament. Like Fee Fee, her aunt  she's shy at first. But with a few treats and kind words, she'll be ready to smother you in hugs! Palin's large head and beautiful wrinkly face have produced some gorgeous pups!  

Trippe's Gypsy Dream
Reverse Apricot Brindle
150#  29 1/2 inches 
Gypsy is our youngest girl, at only about a year and a half old. She hasn't been a mother yet, but instead likes to spend time playing with her pack and running in the backyard. When she's ready for motherhood, we're confident she'll have pups with her gorgeous color and loving personality. 


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